Complete Dashboard


Create filter control

  1. In the left navigation bar, select Filter > Create one > Segment. AWS

  2. Select the filter you just created. Select the Only this visual section arrow and select All applicable visuals. AWS

  3. Select the icon in the right corner of the filter and select Add to sheet. AWS

  4. Collapse the filter you just created. This filter will allow you to filter data based on market segments. AWS

Add dashboard title

  1. In the left corner, select Add > Add title. AWS

  2. Add an optional title (eg Sales Overview Dashboard). AWS

Change chart title

  1. Select the gear icon in the right corner of the chart you want to change the title.
  2. Select the item Title. Enter the desired name in the Edit title field (eg Monthly Sales Trend). AWS
  3. Do the same with the other charts. For example:
  • KPI: YOY Sales
  • Pie chart: `Sales by Industry
  • Pivot Table: Regional Details AWS

You can change the name by clicking on the title of the chart > enter the desired name > Enter to save.

Publish dashboard

  1. In the right corner, select Share > Publish dashboard. AWS

  2. Enter the dashboard name (eg Sales Overview). Select Publish Dashboard. AWS

  3. In this part, we will skip the Share dashboard screen by selecting the x in the right corner. Your Dashboard has been created successfully. AWS